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Most sports gamblers prefer betting on football as it is one of the most established sports worldwide. Besides, football captivates millions of fans, especially when it comes to global competitions. Bettors concentrate on several football markets as they tend to understand teams well. If you are looking to place wagers on football, you need to consider various factors, including betting sites and odds. The right betting site ensures you gain access to top football competition and, at best odds.

Betting on football has gained popularity in the sports gambling sector, both on local and international games. Intrinsically, Triple5bet ensures its customers get the best taste of football betting with the site. Whether you are a new or regular player, you are guaranteed a premium sports betting experience with Triple5bet.

Triple5bet: Betting on football beginners guide

If you are a new player in sports betting, especially football, you need to understand a few things before placing your first bet. Betting on football is no different from other sports, but it's a different game with a diverse selection of markets. First, you need to understand the game, including sports betting basics. Besides, football betting comprises two outcomes like most sports; winning and losing.

Notably, you need to understand football betting tips, odds, and probability before venturing into placing your bet. Unlike most betting sites, Triple5bet provides a complete process of placing your first bet successfully. You can either place bets before kickoff or through live bets when your team battles out with rivals.

How to place football bets online

At T5B placing football bets online is fast and straightforward compared to other betting sites. The process is seamless and suitable for beginners with limited knowledge regarding sports betting.  Successful betting on football online includes the following steps;

  • Visit Triple5bet to register a new account
  • Claim your free bet or deposit funds that enables you to create your stake. Here, you can either use mobile money or tap on Menu and select Deposit.
  • Tap on Football to view full selections, including fixtures and different soccer leagues.
  • Select your preferred team, including making picks on different markets, which automatically creates your bet slip.
  • Enter your stake and place your bet

The stake amount often varies between players; hence you can place any amount you wish. Triple5bet allows players to place bets from a range of 1/ to 30,000/=. Therefore, the betting site provides an exceptional football experience to ensure sports bettors enjoy betting on soccer.

Best football competition to bet on

When betting on football games, you need to understand specific competition essential for picking the right plays. Triple5bet offers different football tournaments ranging from local and international cups to leagues and other competitions globally. This is an excellent approach to determine effective teams to bet on and win.

As to get started, you need to navigate to Football on the homepage that shows you a broad range of upcoming football fixtures to bet on. Within the same platform, there are live games, upcoming, and fixtures for different dates. If you are looking for specific football leagues, here are the steps to bet on various football competitions.

  • Tap on All Leagues and select specific leagues by country

Though there are several football betting competitions, some are most preferred by sports bettors. Some of them include the Kenyan Premier League, Champions Leagues, English Premier League, La Liga, African Cup of Nations, and The World Cup. But with Triple5bet, T5B, you have access to nearly all football competitions around the globe. This is essential for those looking to know how to bet on football and win successfully.

Live online football betting

If you are a live betting enthusiast, then Triple5bet is your first-rate betting site for you. The site accompanies various betting markets for various live football games from different leagues. Whether you missed placing your bet on time or prefer live bets, Triple5bet offers real-time matches to place your bets comfortably.

  • Tap on All Sports
  • Select Football
  • Make your football pick from the selections provided. You can place single or multiple games on your bet when betting on live matches.
  • Decide your stake and place your live bet.

Different matches will be displayed by country and leagues, allowing you to select your preferred league or tournament. Accessing live bets in real-time enables you to support your team while checking the progress of the game. More so, Triple5bet allows you to place bets on live games on other sports such as rugby, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Football betting options

If you are looking to learn how to make money betting on football, it is essential to familiarize yourself with different betting options. Besides placing single bets or choosing multiple games under one bet slip, several markets exist to build your chance.

Match results

When accessing the Triple5bet homepage, there are three selections of markets provided; Home win (1), Draw (X), and Away win (2). These are the possible outcomes of the game. When placing your bet online, you may either choose from the three selections and build your bet.


Also referred to as Overs/Unders, Totals are the number of goals scored by both teams in a given football match. However, the goals are predicted by decimal points; for instance, if the goal scored is 1, then your win by selecting over 0.5. The total begins at 0.5 with an increment to 5.5, representing more than five goals scored.

Correct scores

Unlike other football betting markets, correct scores have the highest payout when a player wins. Correct scores include predicting the exact goals scored after the final whistle. Bettors can select from different scores provided and place bets based on their predictions.

Odd/Even goals

As a bettor, you can predict if the total number of goals scored by both teams is either even or odd. The prediction is essentially based on the number, hence giving a player a chance to choose from the two options provided.

Double chance

With three possible outcomes, the match often has one possible result, either a home win, draw, or away team. Triple5bet however, offers a higher probability by minimizing the chances. That is, you can either bet on a Home win and draw (1X), Draw and Away win (X2), or Home win and Away win (12) facilitated by the double chance option.

Both teams to score (BTTS)

When learning how to bet on football online, familiarizing with Both Team to Score options can lead to winnings. BTTS includes two possibilities, YES and NO, with 'yes' implying both teams are to score in the match while 'no' suggesting one or both teams may not score.

1st Goal scorer and related bets

You can also place your bet on specific players from 1st and last goalscorers to particular players' bookings in the game. It is an excellent selection for gamblers with a greater understanding of betting on sports and familiarity in football. Besides, it is an ideal pick as it involves significant payouts due to its high odds.

Halftime/Fulltime bets

Triple5bet ensures that different players enjoy betting on their desired markets and enjoy the gambling experience. If you prefer predicting halftime or fulltime results, Triple5bet has got you covered. Here, you can place your bet in various ways, including predicting first-half results only, predicting both half scores and precise scores as well.

Football Betting Odds

New football punters search ‘how does betting on football work’ to venture into sports betting successfully. Contrarily, some players create sports betting accounts and place football bets based on the site's odds. It is never a recommended approach, especially for first-time bettors. It is essential to understand the teams well and before deciding who to place your bets on.

As football comprises a wide selection of markets, odds may vary from one market to another. For instance, match result odds are represented as a Home win, Draw and Away win. The odds are different and calculated based on your stake to determine the winnings. Typically, high odds result in more winnings but selecting such odds is risky.

Essential tips for beginners

If you are a new football gambler betting on football tonight, you need a few tips to successfully place your first wager. Learning the basics of sports betting and how to maneuver through different steps is vital in sports betting. That said, here are some tips to consider when placing your first bet.

  • Deposit or place bets on money you can afford to lose and comfortable to put it at risk.
  • Conduct a little research about each team more so on the match you are placing the bet on.
  • Begin with single bets as selecting multiple games decreases your chances of winning the bet.
  • Be patient, especially when you lose your first football bet.

Betting on football has become an excellent investment for different sports bettors globally. With this, Triple5bet allows players to gain access to various football competitions and place bets on a wide array of markets. This guide provides insights about football betting with Triple5bet. Register your account today at and join thousands of football bettors on the site.

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