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Sometimes, sports bettors opt for virtual betting, which involves simulated games selected by specific bookmakers. The betting process is identical to real-world sports betting from odds and bet placement to winnings. Virtual sports bring excitement in sports betting as it incorporates different sports and a wide array of markets. Besides, games are always available to bettors enabling them to create bets from computer-generated games anytime. Virtual games are convenient for bettors trying to explore the sports betting industry differently.

Over time, virtual betting has gained popularity among bettors as it mirrors various real sports though games are auto-generated from computers. However, it can become problematic for some bettors looking to place their initial virtual bet. Therefore, this guide provides essential insights into virtual betting and how to place your first bet successfully.

Understanding virtual sports betting and how It works

Generally, virtual sports betting are computer-generated games with fixed odds with payouts determined by advanced algorithms. Algorithms determine how the outcome of the games will be across different markets besides match results. Bettors place bets on simulated games set by bookmakers. Outcomes are algorithm-based; hence winners are unbiasedly selected.

Before placing a virtual bet, you need to decide which match to place your wager on. You can either place a single or multi bet with payouts determined by total odds. Several markets also exist that allow players to choose between various markets. Any virtual sport bet created is similar to real games but played within minutes than the actual time limit.

Common virtual sports available

Several sports are represented virtually, allowing different sports fanatics to enjoy their favorite games through sports betting. Notably, you can create a virtual bet with specific sports or inclusive of other games if you prefer one or more virtual games. Bookmakers allow gamblers to place virtual bets in different sports readily. Some of the common virtual sports include;

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing

Betting on virtual sports

As bettors can place bets of virtual games, several markets allow them to create various bet slips and win real money. Whether it is a single or multiple bet, selecting the right market is essential for gamblers. Several virtual betting sites in Kenya offer platforms to place wagers on virtual games, but a few have different markets to bet on.

Match results

Commonly referred to as 3-way, match results (1X2) are the game's outcome and the most popular market in sports betting. The motive is to predict the outcome of the match with either Home win (1), Draw (X), or Away win (2). The market applies to different simulated sports, including virtual football betting, basketball, and tennis.


Like real-world events, punters can also predict if total games scored are either under or over a given market after regular time. If the match ends 2-1, then the outcome under this market is ov2.5 as it exceeds three goals.

Double chance

Each selection picked under a double chance market includes one selection with two outcomes hence being among less risky betting options. It also applies to various virtual sports games allowing punters to pick either Home win or Draw (1X), Home or Away win (12), or Draw or Away win (X2).

Half time/Full time

Here, sports bettors predict match outcomes for each half in virtual sports in terms of match results. The selection entails the outcome of both halves with the bet placed under a single bet slip. Both predictions must be correct for the bet to win. If you are wrong in either half, the bet ends as a loss.

Virtual sports and esports

Virtual sports and esports tend to be similar as they both computer-generated games but vary in outcomes. However, esports is solely based on computer software, with games being electronically monitored and played by real people. Two players play a specific virtual game, and a winner determined by the number of points scored.

Esports are also common among players and include games such as FIFA, counter-Strike, and LOL. When placing your bet, you pick one player who is likely to win. When betting, you can choose more than one player on the site. Triple5bet is among the leading bookmakers offering exclusive esports betting services. The site offers competitive odds allowing bettors to place bets on different markets provided.

Betting on esports at Triple5bet

When looking to place a bet on esports at Triple5bet, you first need to register, get your bonus and log in. The process is straightforward and fast, mostly when you prefer seamless betting sites.

  • Log in at Triple5bet to access your account.
  • On the homepage, tap on E-SPORTS to access available matches.
  • Different matches will show varying odds to choose match results, over/under, half time/full time, or double chance selections.

Thereafter, bettors gain access to a full range of electronic sports playing and yet to start. You can decide which teams to choose, create your bet slip, and place the bet. The bet amount varies from Ksh1 up to Ksh20,000. comprises several betting markets and different competitions from around the globe. This allows bettors to place bets on preferred selections irrespective of market or competition.

Virtual sports Vs. Real sports events

Virtual sports include simulated games that take a shorter time and results generated via computer algorithms. Virtual games are designs modeled from real-life events, including players, stadiums, and fans. The latest visual graphics make virtual sports more real, especially with the commentary and exciting highlight reel.

Unlike virtual sports, real games are played in the real-world and give sports enthusiasts room to enjoy the sport. Though virtual sports events provide the excitement fans require, it can never exceed real-world sports activities. Several sports betting sites have incorporated virtual sports in their platform to allow gamblers to enjoy these experiences while gaining profits through virtual gambling.


Which virtual sports are available to bet On?

Several simulated sports are available, allowing punters to place bets and enjoy a unique experience of gambling. Some of these include virtual football betting, virtual horse betting, virtual race, and horse race betting.

Can someone bet on specific virtual football league?

Yes, you can readily select specific leagues and place your sporty virtual bet based on the games picked.

How does virtual sports betting works?

Virtual sports are a simulation of real-world events, and bets placed similar to real games. You select the games you prefer to bet on, choose your preferred markets, make your picks, and decide your stake. The payout depends on the stake amount and total odds of your bet slip.

Is virtual sports betting legitimate?

Virtual sports betting is legal, provided the betting company is licensed and operates within the law. Subsequently, all operations provided are legit, giving you the freedom to engage with virtual betting in Kenya.

Which is the best virtual betting game to place bets?

Football is among the top sports most bettor prefer betting on both virtual and in real games. However, other virtual sports such as tennis and basketball are celebrated by most bettors.

Most sports bettors consider virtual betting, which allows them to place wagers on computer-generated games with outcomes determined by advanced algorithms. Like real-world sports, virtual games are simulations but convenient for gamblers. Whether you are a gambler who love virtual sports or need to explore a new world of gambling, virtual sports betting is the best option for you.

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